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Suzuki SV650S SK8 USA Specification Model

2008 SV650S New Colour Range USA

                     2008 SV650S Candy Blue Colour

2008 SV650S USA Specification:  New for 2008 the Suzuki SV650S SK8 has undergone several specification changes and is available in a range of new colour schemes.

For the keen enthusiast and SV fan our website not only features bikes available in the UK, but globally as well!

Launched in early 2008 the Suzuki SV650S (SK8 model) is the latest version of this great handling and affordable motorcycle. Popular amongst learners and experienced motorcyclists this bike has a loyal following of customers who appreciate it's power to weight ratio, great torque characteristics, and easy to ride nature. To top this off the SV650 offers spirited handling (capable of competing with far larger sports bikes) and is economical and affordable to own.

Colour Schemes: For '08 the SV650S is available in a choice of new colours.

For USA customers the colour line up is:

  • Metallic Thunder Grey
  • Pearl Black
  • Pearl White

Pearl White SV650S

The Pearl White coloured option is not available at present in the Uk. Why Suzuki have decided to omit this colour option for the Uk 2008 line up is unclear. If the white colour option was available for UK customers no doubt it would create a massive demand, just like has occurred with the white 2008 GSXR models!

Pearl White Suzuki SV650S - 2008 SK8 Colour Choice

                 SV650S Pearl White Colour Scheme

Other options for the USA include anti lock brakes (ABS). The fully faired version is also designated the SF model as opposed to the sport classification the bike receives for UK and the rest of Europe.

SV650 SK8 2008 Model Candy Blue SF Full Faired Sport Model

                   SV650SF Candy Blue Colour


2008 Suzuki SV650S SK8 Model

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