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Kawasaki Versys Lowering Kits

kawasaki versys lowering kits - 2008 - 2008 motorcycles




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The Kawasaki Versys is fast becoming one of the top selling motorcycles in it's midrange class. Marketed as a "versatile system" it seems this bike will do everything that's asked of it.

If there was one thing which could allow this bike to appeal to a wider audience than already achieved it would be for an easy option to lower the bike to suit the smaller rider.  The common opinion seems to be that if you are 5' 8" tall then you will be ok on a standard Versys. Any smaller and you probably will need to lower the ride height by one means or another. Kawasaki have addressed this issue with the availability of an off the shelf lowered gel seat. With a 50mm reduction in height (and also narrowed) this replacement seat could be the easy solution and make the bike more manageable, especially when on road surfaces which camber one way or the other.

Kawasaki Versys Lowering Kits: Another option is to lower the bike by the fitment of a lowering kit. Although not available from Kawasaki several aftermarket manufacturers and suppliers have started to produce and sell kits because of increasing demand. What has to be taken into consideration is the method and fitment used as well as the end effect.

Because the versys utilises a side mounted rear shock absorber (mounted direct to frame and swinging arm) conventional drop links and adjusters cannot be used.

Two different types of lowering methods seem to be the way to go. Either the use of a shorter shocker and spring or a lowering kit comprising of a unit which slightly alters the shock mounting point angle/rake hence achieving a drop in height. Both methods and types have advantages and disadvantages. A shorter spring and shocker will change the damping rate so handling and comfort tests must be done to get the settings accurate and in doing so restore the original characteristics of the bike. The second type of kit which uses a new mounting block/point (but using the original shocker) has the advantage of retaining the original ride comfort and manners of the bike, the only points needing consideration is clearance around the shocker / swinging arm area, and method of fitment. It is important to check how this type of lowering kit fits to ensure no undue stresses are placed on the swinging arm or the frame mounting point. Other points to bear in mind is that accessory and the original bike components especially mounting points are not obstructed or hindered in any way. An example of this would be the rear flexible brake pipe hose running from the master cylinder to the rear caliper. On 2008 Kawasaki Versys a retaining bar is screwed to the top of the swinging arm by a 6mm threaded bolt. This bolt hole can be utilised by some of the lowering kits available so a new method to hold the brake pipe securely and in place needs to be obtained. This could be by way of use of a simple cable tie - but is always worth checking. Needless to say full fitting instructions should come in the lowering kit you purchase, it is however easy to overlook the position that the 2007 and 2008 versys models do have slight specification changes.

Safety / Quality Warning: It is recommended that you check the quality of any kit prior to fitting to your motorcycle. Because of the loads and stresses placed on the frame, swinging arm, and other related components. This is especially so when the kit is manufactured by an aftermarket supplier and not Kawasaki themselves.

Lowering Of Front Forks: The Versys can be lowered at the front forks by approximately 20mm. This is done by dropping the fork legs in the yokes until the desired ride height is achieved. As mentioned the maximum adjustment is around 20mm, this is because the fork legs start to taper at this point preventing a secure mounting point. In addition the inner plastics of the fairing would also make contact with the tops of the fork legs at this point.      


Kawasaki Versys Lowering Kits


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